Sunday, December 29, 2013

Current Lineup

Mortal Kombat II
Dangerous Dungeons (in Williams cab setup for jamma)
Asteroids Deluxe
Ikari Warriors

Neo Geo w/ 161 multicart
Clutch Hitter (easy swap with 19-in-1)
Mat Mania (w/ Mania Challenge board and Mat Mania)
Kung Fu (w/ Kid Niki easy swap board)
Smash TV (w/ Total Carnage board also)
Pac-Man Plus w/ 60-in-1 multi
Championship Sprint
Space Invaders Deluxe
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Super Mario Bros.
Enduro Racer
Ikari Warriors 2
Nintendo Red Tent w/ Ice Climber and Tegen Tetris
Afterburner II
Missle Command / Centipede / Millipede 3-in-1

Friday, November 29, 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Tron was on my wish list from the moment I wanted an arcade. I actually purchased a Tron many many years ago and when I was loading it up, it died. So I decided to back out of the deal and picked a different game the guy had in his garage (Cabal).

Smash TV

Big Money, Big Prizes - GOOD LUCK!!!

I really wanted a Smash TV in my arcade for a few reasons. 1) It can't be emulated that well because of the two joystick controls. 2) It's an awesome co-op game. 3) The PCB can be swapped out with Total Carnage (Smash TV II) 4) The sounds are so rad.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pac-man collection

NES Collection

My NES collection. 80% of it is from my childhood. Castlevania is one of my all time favorites!


Not working, seems like a board issue the power supply is working.

The cab is in really nice shape. Side art is clean, control panel is worn but all there.


This was a MUST have for my arcade. Picked it up in Vancouver, WA (25 miles away). Overall it's in great shape, the control panel is a little worn and the plexiglass is a little fuzzy on the bottom.

Current High Score: 179k

Problems as puchased:
1) plexiglass fuzzy on bottom
2) worn overlay
3) no high score save... need to add one

Mortal Kombat II

"Kung Lao wins.... FATALITY"

This is my all time favorite fighting game. Found one on CL about 10 miles from home. It's in great condition.

Problems as purchased:
1) CMOS battery is out/gone. Needs to be set to free play every time I turn it on.

60-in-1 Jamma Cab

This is a simple cab, called a KISS ("keep it simple stupid'). Was a POW with a top gunner PCB. Slapped a 60-in-1 in it with a Matt Mania marque. At some point I will put some new art on it.

Problems as purchased:
1) Monitor stretched, replaced with LCD (Samsung 203b), in vertical position

Donkey Kong Jr.

My holy grail. This is one of my all time favorite arcades. Tying to lean the boards again. The cab looks like it just rolled off the nintendo factory line. Put a WTB on CL and a guy drove it to me from Idaho. We've become friends since and look forward to seeing him and talking arcades more.

Current High Score: 86,300

Problems as purchased:
1) none!

Asteroids Deluxe

I absolutely love this cabinet. Overall it's in decent shape. The side art is peeling but otherwise it's fine. The monitor is good, the 3D cardboard background is good.

Current High Score: 23k (set on 3 ships to start)

Problems as purchased:
1) Side art peeling on edges
2) No high score save kit. Want this along with the multigame from brazing technologies


I remember playing this as a kid. I can still picture exactly where it was sitting in the arcade. Found this on CL about 20 miles from home. For $25 the owner delivered it. Has high score save kit installed. All original, great shape overall.

Current High Score: 23,150

Problems as purchased:
1) Worn sticky reverse button. Replaced
2) Low voltage ground issue causing minor shocks when touching any metal. Needs better grouding.
3) Monitor *slightly* shifted up. Not a big issue, low on the priority list


Purchased just miles from my home. Guy had this in his living room. One of my favorite arcades from the late 80s.

Problems as purchased:
1) Control panel latch on the right side is broken, has a wood screw holding if down. Not sure how to fix this, might have to replace the overlay with a salvage one or somehow weld the existing one with a new latch.
2) Sticks a bit sloppy. Not bad, but at some point will need some bushing work.
3) Marque light is out. Will be replacing this soon.
4) No high score save. I purchased a high score save and ROM kit which will be installed at some point.

Neo Geo MVS

Neo Geo MVS:
Picked this up locally, just a few miles from my house. It's a 4-slot board in a 2-slot cab. Came with 3 games, puzzle bobble, magician lord, last blade. I pulled the carts out and added a 161 in 1 multicart.

Problems as purchased:
1) The memory card readers are not there. Not sure if I care.
2) Control panel overlay. The overlay was pretty ratty. I replaced it with a vinyl one. Lesson learned: some vinyl overlays are NOT die cut, which means you have to hand cut them with scissors or a knife. This might sound easy enough, but it's a HUGE pain. ALWAYS purchase the die cut option.
3) PCB was loose and not screwed down. Didn't realize this until I got it home and noticed the board was loose and had fallen down. Luckily no damage.
4) Test switch not wired up. Need to fix this, current using a paperclip to enable test mode.